My husband and I decided to try something different for a date night and registered for a symphony soundbath at Zenden Meditation in Gastown.

Upon arrival, we were buzzed up into an office building.  We walked into a bright reception area to a friendly face checking us in.  There were an array of crystals, essential oils and incense on display for purchase.  My first thought was “cute”.  Not being sure what to expect, we were filled with excitement, mystery and maybe even a bit of nervousness.  The meditation room had the door ajar and it was illuminated with red lighting.  The mats were all set up for us already and we found two toward the back of the room.  There were large windows at the front of the room with a gorgeous view of Vancouver.

Once we were all in our places, the lighting changed from the red to a calming blue.  Before the soundbath meditation began, our instructor, Andrew, verbally guided us through some breathing and tapping exercises.  We then laid down on our mats and made ourselves comfortable.  The soundbath commenced and transported us through a soothing journey that dived deep into our senses.  The sounds, smells, feelings and vibrations had me in such a tranquil relaxation.

Using a series of rhythms and frequencies it is possible to alter our brain waves.  Sound therapy has been known to help treat conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression.  A lot of these symptoms can sometimes manifest into bigger issues in the human body therefore soundbaths are a great way to help improve your body’s overall wellbeing.  It’s been thought to help remove energetic blockages.

In today’s day and age, I also want to mention how safe I felt here.  There was a hand sanitizing station outside the entrance and everyone was wearing masks during the experience.  When I saw someone enter bare faced, he was kindly asked to put one on right at the entrance.  The mats were also set up with a safe distance between one another.

We left there feeling mentally and physically charged up, full of positive vibes and talking about when we would be able to go back again.

Update: since writing this blog post I have been back to zenden and my initial impression was right on the money.  It’s still leaves me feeling fantastic and it’s definitely something that I will be doing regularly.

I would highly, highly recommend a soundbath at Zenden.  I loved every second.