Recently my husband and I flew out to Edmonton for a few days.  He was working at his Edmonton office, so I was able to explore a bit of the city on my own.  After taking a look online, I decided to visit DaDeO. Everything about it sounded amazing – New Orleans menu and a funky, retro diner.

It was a weekday afternoon when I visited.  The restaurant was at about a bit more than half capacity.  I imagine it gets packed for dinner service.  I was seated in a center booth.  Love, love, love the decor so much!  There’s so much to look at and it all takes you back in time to the 50s.  There’s a juke box on every table, photographs of jazz musicians, and tons of other diner paraphernalia on the walls.  I was pretty excited to be there.

I noticed online that there was a lunch special where you could get half a po’ boy with salad or soup for $12.  It wasn’t on the menu, so I requested it.  I got the fried tiger shrimp po’ boy with a caesar salad.  While I was waiting, they brought me out a biscuit with a sweet jam.  It was good.  I didn’t need to wait very long for my food to come out.  The shrimp was amazing!  Crisp and crunchy and absolutely delicious.  I do wish the bun was a bit softer, but it was pretty friggin good either way.  I would recommend going with a full po’boy over the half.  I was hitting up a bunch of different spots so it was perfect if you’re wanting to go a bit lighter, but that shrimp will leave you wanting more.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the staff to be overly friendly or approachable.  I felt a bit like I was being irritating when I asked about the special that wasn’t on the menu.  It prevented me from asking what the sweet jam was that was brought out with the biscuit.  I always like to get extra info so I can include it in these posts, but it didn’t feel like my questions would have been well received.  I could have been misreading it, but that’s just how I felt.

Another interesting point was that I felt a bit awkward taking photographs here.  It’s a place that’s made for Instagram – so fun!  I felt like I was sticking out like a sore thumb taking my photos and videos though.  I also had another friendly patron come and ask me if I was a blogger.  Made me wonder if perhaps people in Edmonton don’t do the videos and photos at restaurants as much as we do in Vancouver?  No one really notices here in Vancouver because every one else is doing it too.

Overall, I think this is a must see in Edmonton.  Super funky and delicious food.