By now you all know how much I love Tacomio.  Since my last post on this restaurant, I’ve been actively eating my way through their menu.  They get it right every single time….EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I was lucky enough to be invited to try their newest menu item, the crispy chicken taco, as well as their diablito hot wings.  Of course, because I can’t get enough of this place I added a few things to my order.

  • Crispy Chicken Taco – crispy is right!  The fried chicken portion in this taco is huge and it is so perfectly crisp.  There’s a spicy mayo, cucumbers, pico de gallo, cabbage and jalapenos in the taco.  I’ve never  had tacos with cucumber slices in them.  The combination of ingredients work so well together.  This taco is a such a winner!
  • Wild Pacific Cod Baja Taco – each taco had a large beer battered piece of cod in it.  It had shaved cabbage, pico de gallo and chipotle mayo.  I love fish tacos, but I sometimes find that the fried fish can be greasy.  This was not greasy at all!  This was my husband’s favorite taco of the night.
  • Diablito Hot Wings – I love spicy food, so if you’re into spicy like me – these will hit the spot.  These wings are grilled.  The hot sauce is served on the side so you can control how spicy you like it.  A side of sour cream also comes with it to add a bit of coolness.  The hot sauce was a bit too spicy for my hubby, but he said that the wings were really delicious even without the sauce.  I really enjoyed the extra heat.

We also got the Birria Tacos because they are my fave!  I’ve previously written a review on it.  It can be found here:

Although I didn’t get it this last time, I also wanted to touch on their Al Pastor chicken wings.  It’s also a newer menu item that I tried not too long ago and it definitely deserve a mention.  They are less spicy that the diablito hot wings.  Grilled wings, fresh pineapple and cilantro.  It tastes like summer.  Soo good.  I would highly recommend.

Tacomio is a family owned business.  I learned that the chef owner used to be the Executive Sous Chef at the Vancouver Club.  A lot of the dishes that Tacomio has on their menu are inspired by the mother’s family recipes.  It shows.  There is so much heart in the cooking.

I’ve noticed that my husband, Chris, goes all quiet when we eat Tacomio with the exception of “sooo good” murmurs every so often.  Between this post and my last, I’ve tried many of their other menu items and they always get it right.  I don’t know how they do it, but I’m happy that they do.  I can confidently say that Tacomio is my favorite take-out spot in Vancouver.  You know what a foodie I am so that’s saying a lot.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely must!

Thank you Cleo for letting me try some of your menu items.