YVR Cookie has dropped two new flavors just in time for Mother’s Day.  Lucky for me I had the opportunity to try them both and oh my are they ever delicious.

Mom’s Apple Pie – spiced cinnamon dough loaded with white chocolate chunks and filled with diced apple pie filling with a crumble topping.  Sooo freakin’ good!  The apple and cinnamon are the perfect combination. The crumble topping is my favorite part – omg yum!

Glazed Lemon Loaf – lemon cookie dough stuffed with lemon loaf, white chocolate and topped with a lemon icing glaze.  This cookie is stuffed with an actual lemon loaf.  How cool is that?  I’ve never had a cookie stuffed with a cake loaf before and it just works!  So incredible!  You can taste the lemon in each bite.

The owner, Monique, based these flavors on her mother’s favorite recipes and it really shows.  I kept saying to my hubby I feel that the cookies are giving me very “homey” vibes.  I feel like these cookies take me back to mom or grandma’s kitchen.  They fill me with a sense of comfort.

Thank you YVR Cookie for sending me these delicious new flavors to try.