A beautiful park in the middle of the bustling city of Montreal.  It was a perfect day!

We took an Uber up a bit further so we wouldn’t have to do as much walking.  From there we walked through the beautiful park exploring until we got to the viewing point.  Be prepared for lots of steps and a bit of a hike upwards.

We were there in the fall and the leaves were the most gorgeous bright colors.  There were lots of runners and bikers and then a whole lot of tourists taking it all in.

Once we got up to the viewing point, it was absolutely breathtaking.  I was in awe!  We spent quite a bit of time there. Montreal is beautiful!  Photos don’t do it justice.

Also, be sure to check out the monument of Sir George-Etienne Cartier.  We stood and stared at it for quite some time.

Visiting the park was one of my favorite things we did in Montreal.  If you go, add this to your list.  It’s a must!