I had come across Masala Boys Instagram account and they piqued my interest.  Once the indoor dining opened up again I brought my mom and sister here on a Sunday evening as a belated Mother’s Day celebration.

It’s a spacious, medium sized restaurant.  The decor is quite modern and simple.  It is divided into two sections.  Pretty cute place.

We came here ready to eat.  For our appetizers we tried:

  • Gol Gappe – this was my first time trying Gol Gappe.  My sister had had it before and recommended that we order two.  The presentation was pretty awesome.  They are crispy fried puff balls that are filled with potato and chickpeas.  They were served on top of shot glasses that were filled with tamarind water.  This wasn’t my favorite dish.  It wasn’t bad, but it was just fine.  My sister said that she’s tried it before where it’s been filled with more potatoes and she prefers that.  I didn’t care much for the flavored water.
  • Channa Bhatura – Perhaps my favorite dish of the evening.  This was my first time trying this and I devoured it.  This was so delicious.  The deep fried bread was quite large and the chickpeas were extremely flavorful.  They served it with a side of raita and pickled achar.  I have thought of this dish several times since my visit – sooo good.
  • Fish Pakora – Another winner!  Yum.  Every bite was perfection.
  • Butter Chicken – Of course we ordered butter chicken, a fan favorite.  My sister found this to be too sweet.  Personally, I enjoyed it.
  • Lamb Vindaloo – My mom didn’t like that it was tomato based, but I really enjoyed this dish.  The gravy was deliciously spiced with tender pieces of lamb and large pieces of potatoes.
  • Coconut Prawn – All of us enjoyed this dish.  Jumbo prawns in a delicious coconut sauce.
  • Assorted Bread Basket – Each of us wanted a different type of bread so we went for the assorted bread basket.  It has garlic naan, plain naan, lachha paratha.  There was a very large quantity in the bread basket.  I ended up bringing tons home and popping them in my freezer.
  • Raita – this is an essential add on for me when eating Indian food.  Yogurt with cucumber and carrots, coriander, cumin and spices.  Masala Boys does it well.

The entire menu is halal and all the mains come with a side of rice.

I was quite impressed with this spot.  I thought the food was great, portion sizes were large and service was awesome.  I would happily return to eat here again.