Last Friday the hubby and I made our way over to North Vancouver to the Polygon Gallery to check out the “Feast for the Eyes” art exhibit.

We live in day and age where everyone photographs their food.  This exhibit takes you back in time to explore the history of food as the subject of art.

We didn’t go into the art exhibit with any expectations.  Actually, maybe that’s not true.  I should say we weren’t really expecting much.  I thought we maybe would come across a small exhibit with a few great food pics.  It was so much more that that and we were pleasantly surprised.

This exhibit was divided into three parts – Still Life, Around the Table and Playing with Food.  The images featured varied from beautiful, to political to playful.  The work of around 60 different artists were included including Warhol.

There were ads from the 60s and 70s, colorful produce pics, political pieces, sexualized art and just good old fashioned fun pieces.

A few of my favorites were:

  • Picnic Across the Border by JR – I found this piece to be especially powerful.  It’s a photograph of an epic picnic between the American and Mexican border.  On the surface of the table were the eyes on an immigrant child.  The quote from the artist was “The table goes through the wall and the people eat the same food, drink the same water and listen to the same music.”
  • Cranberry Juice into Milk and Bullet Through Banana both by Harold “Doc” Edgerton – these were eyecatching.  There was a little girl at the exhibit that was completely enamored with these two staring at them for quite some time and chatting with us about her thoughts.
  • Double Mona Lisa by Vik Muniz – pretty amazing.  Mona Lisa in the medium of peanut butter and jelly.

These were just a few of my favorites, but this exhibit offered so much more.  It is definitely worth checking out.  It runs at the Polygon Exhibit until May 30, 2021.