Tacomio launched their version of the loaded baked potato.  It’s a whole baked potato, with crispy queso, your choice of filling (you can choose between beef, 3 kinds of chicken, pork, or 3 plant based options), red onions, cilantro and jalapenos.  It comes with salsa and sour cream.

So as you all know, I’m a huge fan of Tacomio.  However, I am pretty indifferent when it comes to baked potatoes.  I think they’re generally good, but they’re also something I could do without, so I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this dish.  Well, I should have known that Tacomio would find something I was neutral about and make it so amazing! I looooooved it so, so much!

We tried one chicken (pollo asado) and one beef (salpicon).  First thing we noticed is how massive these are!  They are so generous with the servings.  When I think of a baked potato, I think of it as a side.  This is a full meal deal.  That crispy cheese queso part on top of the potato is everything!  Crispy, chewy, cheesy – mmm! My mouth is watering while I’m writing this.  It is definitely loaded with toppings.  Their protein options are so tasty – absolutely saturated with flavor!  Each bite was heavenly!

I did struggle a bit getting good photos for you guys, but hopefully these ones do it justice.  Head over to my Instagram (@getsprinkled) if you haven’t already to check out my reel so you can see it in video form for a better idea if needed.

We ordered other items off the menu as well, so we had some left overs.  I got to have more for lunch the next day and it heated up in the microwave well.  Just as delicious as the day we ordered it.  This is something I will be getting again!

I love that Tacomio keeps hitting us with these amazing, creative creations!  This is my spot that I have take-out from the most and its awesome that there are so many different menu options that are unbelievably good.  My orders are always rotating and all of it is delicious!

A little side note – I also wanted to share that I recently discovered that you can purchase Tacomio’s salsas by the bottle!  I bought my first bottle and spent the week eating it with everything.  I treat it more like a hot sauce.  I was told that you can even use it to marinate meats.  I actually finished my first bottle within the first week because I seriously ate it every single day.  I just ordered my second bottle from Uber Eats yesterday.