The Captain’s Boil recently opened in the west end.  As we walked by, we were handed a promo for a pound of free shrimp.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and we decided to go check it out.

We walked in and it took much too long for us to be greeted.  We were finally nodded at and the server told us we could sit wherever.  We headed to a corner booth by the window.  Looking around the room, I wasn’t overly impressed with the vibe or decor.  It kind of reminded me of a child themed family restaurant.  Maybe that’s what it is?

The way the restaurant works is that you choose your catch, your flavour and your heat.  We chose cajun flavouring and medium heat for our one pound of free shrimp.  We got an order of the king crab and went with garlic sauce and mild heat.  For sides we got some corn and the breaded shrimp and fries.  It didn’t take long for our food to arrive at the table.  We put on our bibs and gloves and got into it.  The food is delicious.  There was nothing on our table that the hubby and I did not enjoy.  It’s very messy so I wouldn’t recommend for a first date, but it’s great for some casual, delicious eats.

A downside, we asked for our bill and it was brought to us, but then it seems the staff (and our waiter) completely forgot about us.  No one ever came back.  We finally flagged down a waitress from another section to let her know we wanted to pay our bill.  She helped us out.

Although I’m not too crazy about the interior or vibe, the food is delicious.  There is some potential, but the staff needs to up their game.  The service was seriously lacking.