I had been drooling over pictures I’d seen online of The Praguery for way too long.  I finally decided I needed to make my way down to their store in Guildford and try it out.

My mom and I went over on a quiet Wednesday evening.  The store is located inside Guildford Mall on the ground level, very close to H&M.  It’s nice and new, having opened just last fall.

Their menu has quite a few options and they all sound amazing.  I decided on the chocolate and my mom decided she wanted to try the mango.

OMG so delicious!  I devoured it!

The ice cream reminds me of an elevated version of McDonald’s soft serve (which I love).  The chimney cake is amazing!  Swirls of a cake dough covered in cinnamon and sugar.  There was some solid chocolate at the bottom of my cone, nutella spread on the inside and a generous amount of ice cream.  They drizzled the top with chocolate.  Great presentation.  In my opinion, the combination of the chimney cake and soft serve is pretty unique to Vancouver’s dessert scene.  It’s equal parts adorable and delicious.  I loved every bite.

My mom was equally in love with her mango flavored dessert and she’s a tough one to impress.

That being said, I feel like a bit better service would have been nice.  It wasn’t like it was dreadful or anything, but the girl greeting me had no enthusiasm and in fact I almost felt that maybe she was a bit annoyed.  I explained that I was a blogger and I asked if I could take a video of her making the ice cream (I said “you won’t be in it, just the ice cream”).  She looked to the guy that was working there and he said yes, but then she proceeded to make the ice cream away from me (so I couldn’t shoot it) and very quickly.  Everything is set up right next to the counter so patrons can see what’s happening so I don’t think it was a big ask.  I mentioned it again before she put together the mango one and she allowed me to shoot, but she looked irritated.  The whole store was empty so it wasn’t like I was holding up a line or keeping her from other customers.  I could have been misreading her expression, but I can just speak to how I felt when I left and that’s how she made me feel – like I was a nuisance.

That being said, the dessert is really delicious!  I would recommend it.