Picnic season is upon us!  Tokyo Katsu-Sand makes the most perfect picnic food!

My friend and I were getting together for a socially distanced get together at the park.  Tokyo Katsu made picnic prep so easy for us.  I just went and picked up the sandwiches and we were ready to go.

Located outside Vancouver City Centre skytrain station, Tokyo Katsu-Sand is the first food truck of it’s kind in Vancouver offering Japanese style Katsu sandwiches.

They offer a variety of menu options such as:

  • Gyu-Katsu – deep-fried AAA strip loin beef cutlet with gyu-katsu sauce and a wasabi-mixed mayonnaise
  • Ton-Katsu – deep-fried pork cutlet with shredded cabbage. homemade ton-katsu sauce and mustard-mixed mayonnaise
  • Ebi-Katsu – deep-fried shrimp cutlet with shredded cabbage, homemade ebi-katsu sauce, homemade tartar sauce and paprika
  • Chicken-Katsu – deep-fried chicken cutlet with homemade chicken-katsu sauce and mustard mixed mayonnaise
  • Fish-Katsu – deep fried halibut cutlet with shredded cabbage, homemade tartar sauce, homemade fish-katsu sauce and paprika

Love that this place has so many protein options! We had a chance to try all of the above and they were delicious.

My favorite sandwich was the Fish-Katsu.  They serve it with their homemade tartar sauce which I believe is an egg salad variation.  The fish chunk is quite generous and coated well with the sauces.  Yum!  This was my number one.

I also enjoyed the Gyu-Katsu.  The beef cutlet in the Gyu-Katsu sandwich just melts in your mouth.  It’s obviously a tender quality of meat (star of the show) so they keep this sandwich really simple and don’t include many extra ingredients.

I actually do not eat pork so I can’t vouch for that sandwich, but this was my friends favorite sandwich of the bunch.  She said the cutlet was really thick and juicy and the combination of the shredded cabbage, sauces and pork complimented each other quite well.  She was also a fan of the Gyu-katsu sandwich.

I just wanted to make note that we ate these over a period of time while we sat and chatted.  The ones we ate while they were fresh definitely tasted best.  Overall, we had a good experience.


Thank you Tokyo-Katsu Sand for inviting me to try out your sandwiches.