On Sunday while in Whistler, my hubby and I spent the day at Scandinave Spa.  Pure heaven!

From what I understand, if you book a massage you have full usage of the facilities, but we chose to just pay for the bath and no massage.  It was about $150 and there was no time limit to how long we could use the facilities.

When we arrived, we were asked to fill out a waiver.  So a couple interesting things to know about this spa – first, there is no speaking.  To add to the serene environment, it’s completely silent.  I haven’t encountered it before, but I had a friend tell me that the staff will not be friendly about it if you break the rules and talk.  My husband said he overheard a couple being shushed for laughing.  I understand it.  For me, I personally loved what the silence added to my time there.  So peaceful.  There are also no phones permitted on site.  They call it a “digital detox”, but I imagine it’s also to respect everyone’s privacy as everyone is in their bathing suits.  Although I’m someone who likes to take photos for my blog, the digital detox was soooo nice!  You are able to snap a photo up top from the cafe window before you go down into the change room as well.

After signing the waiver on their tablets, we were greeted by a friendly worker.  He explained how everything worked and provided us with a lock, 2 towels, an extra mask, and a robe each.  They recommend that you keep one towel in the locker and I’m so happy I did that.  The one I took out to the baths with me was soaked by the end of our day.

When you go out the doors, it’s like an outdoor chalet.  So beautiful – pools and fire pits while we’re surrounded by snow.  We were told by their staff that the best way to do it is to start with the hot pool, followed by a few seconds in the cold pool and then a bit of relaxation.  I did it in just this order repetitively.  Let me tell you, that cold bath is no joke, lol.  Somehow, when you get out of it though, you’re not cold anymore and it does feel quite nice.  I like that there are multiple pools so that you can have a change of scenery.  I also took advantage of the steam rooms and saunas.  Lastly, I surprisingly really loved the solarium.  I honestly thought it would be whatever, it’s just a resting area, but after doing the cold and hot pools, getting comfortable in one of their rocking beds is so relaxing.  The solarium has the most perfect temperature with calming spa music playing.  I took a beach bag and had my book in it.  I just loved laying there and reading.  I do wish I had packed a bottle of water also, I was pretty dehydrated after all the heat and I didn’t want to go back in all wet from the pools to purchase water.  I was happy that I brought flip flops.  I felt more comfortable walking around in the rooms and around the pools in them.

We had a lovely day.  We had a weekend of drinking and this was a great way to feel much more relaxed and awake afterwards.  Felt like we steamed all the booze out of our bodies.  I have yet to try the massage here so I can’t speak on that, but this was my second time using the baths and the experience was one of my favorite spa experiences yet.  You leave feeling so zen.