Our first stop when we arrived in Montreal was William Grey Terrasse.  It was a great place to start off our trip because it has a really vibrant energy.

It is an outdoor terrace with heat lamps, with it being October, it still did get chilly.  Our group kept our coats on so I would recommend you dress accordingly.

The views are just wow.  You can see Montreal all lit up and it is so gorgeous.  It made us even more excited to have arrived in this beautiful city.

Their menu isn’t extensive, but what they have on there they do pretty damn well.  I had their sunrise sangria and their beef burger with a side salad.  The sangria was so delicious, I could drink liters lol.  The burger was juicy and delicious – very memorable.  The salad was kind of boring – would have been better with a tastier dressing.  Even so, it wasn’t bad.  It was fine.

It was my friend’s birthday and they brought out a tiramisu for her.  It was in a small glass.  Delicious, but we noticed it had icy/frozen parts the closer you got to the bottom.

Going back to the views, it is simply breathtaking.  You can see La Grande Roue de Montreal (observation wheel) lit up and the beautiful skyline.  A definite photo-op.  I would go back for the views alone.