On New Year’s Day, the hubby and I decided to check out OEB (previously over easy breakfast) after hearing rave reviews all year long.

This place gets pretty busy, but if you’re on the yelp app, you can add yourself to a waitlist for a specific time so you’re not waiting around outside for too long.  We got there a bit earlier than our check in time, but were offered their heated patio which even on January 1 was nice and toasty.

I started with a hot chocolate.  They gave me a choice of a regular one that was on the menu or a new one that the server described as more of a thicker, european style hot chocolate that has not yet been added to their menu yet.  I went with the latter.  It had bits of valrhona bitter chocolate with steamed milk poured over it and whipped cream to top it off.  Not too sweet and oh so delicious.

My husband and I both opted to get their breakfast poutines.  I went with the “get shorty rib poutine” (beef short ribs, vegetables, poached eggs, duck fat fried herb potatoes, cheese curds, and brown butter hollandaise) and Chris went with the Gold Digga (poached eggs, duck fat herb potatoes, berkshire roast, black truffles and brown butter hollandaise).  We both also decided to share the Belgian waffle with berries to get a bit of sweet with our savory.

The poutines were out of this world.  The potatoes were so tasty, the eggs were perfectly poached (how do they get them so perfectly round?!), the brown butter hollandaise smooth and the combination of ingredients were a burst of flavor in each bite.  My mouth is watering as I write this.  I also wanted to note for those of us who like to be low carb, you can get the poutines on a bed of spinach or arugula instead of on potatoes.  I chose half spinach and half potatoes this time around.

The Belgian waffles were excellent.  They were light and airy and I wish I had more.

This was the best brunch I have had in a very long while.  I’m looking forward to trying more items on this menu.