Chicken World recently opened a location on Denman Street in Vancouver.  My family frequents the Surrey location so I had heard about them before, but hadn’t tried it myself.  On an evening where neither my husband Chris or I felt like cooking, we decided to head over to Chicken World and try many different items from their menu.  They have quite a large selection of items that they offer.

We ordered Nashville Billo Burger combos (spicy for me and mild for Chris), an order of chicken nuggets, 5 piece fried chicken, arabian rice, jalapeno poppers and gravy.  Here are our thoughts:

  • Nashville Billo Burger – I liked it and will definitely order this again.  I liked the combination of flavors and the kick.  Chris thought his burger was good, but he didn’t feel it was something that stood out.
  • French fries and gravy – Golden, crispy fries and a dark, flavorful gravy.  Yum!
  • Chicken Nuggets – I did not like the nuggets.  I could not finish them and ate only one whole and a bite of another.  I felt they had a bit of an after taste that I could not explain.  I did eat them later on and needed to re-heat them so I don’t know if that played a part in it.
  • Fried chicken – These were good.  Crispy and not very greasy.  Better than your neighborhood KFC.
  • Arabian Rice – You don’t often get rice as an option on a fast food menu.  I enjoyed the rice and will be getting it again.
  • Jalapeno Poppers – Really delicious, especially if you enjoy spicy food like I do.  On the Chicken World Instagram account, I saw a photo of the jalapeno poppers being dunked into a sauce and I wonder what the sauce was as one wasn’t included in the order.  These were good without the sauce though.

I noticed that there was a poster on the counter that Chicken World feeds the needy on Fridays.  I asked about it further and learned that Chicken World opens their doors to any needy or homeless person that comes in on a Friday and provides them with a free meal.  I think this is absolutely amazing and I commend them.

A few days after my first visit to Chicken World, I went back to my usual (or more often) low carb eating style.  I decided to re-visit Chicken World to see if I could find options that would work for me.  I ordered their peri-peri chicken and the coleslaw.

  • The Peri-Peri Chicken – Omg, yummy!  This is my favorite dish from this restaurant!  Love it and I will be getting it again and again and again.
  • Coleslaw – Nothing unique or different.  If you like coleslaw, you’ll like it.

Also this deserves a mention – during my second visit, the young girl behind the counter also asked me if I’d like some indian chai while I wait for my food.  I declined, but I loved that!  Never had that happen at a fast food joint before.  I’ll definitely be coming back.